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    Laine is thoughttaught the ropes
    A sexfight is a voluntary erotic physical competition involving at least one woman and leading to one or more orgasms. It is normally written as a single word, i.e., sexfight, not "sex fight". There are several variations, but the most common version involves forcing the opponent to orgasm against their will. In real life sexfights are quite rare. They are far more common in erotic short stories available primarily on the Internet. As with much fetish material, sexfight material has an extremely limited audience—either the reader or viewer loves it or isn't interested.
    a cockfight.
    A sexfight differs
    Sexfights in Real Life
    Minor Decision Making: Sometimes lovers will bet on the result of their match. In those cases the winner gets to do something her way (while the loser had other ideas) or the loser has do something neither wanted to do, such as washing the dishes or taking out the garbage for a week. They play all these "on the bed" and the winner of the sexfight decides.
    Sex Game - Friendly Competition: The more common kind of sexfight in real life is the "competitive trib" or "friendly" sexfight. In this case a sexfight is nothing more than a sexual game between two lovers to enjoy some wilder moments together and to raise their excitement because of the heat of their supposed "contest". There is nothing to be settled between them, they are simply playing a role-playing game in which they argue about something and they want to settle it by a sexfight.
    not for all the times,all, it is
    Sexfight Variations {ClitHugger016.jpg} Penny Flame is soundly defeated by Aria Giovanni in another typical sexfight by California Wildcats
    {ClitHugger021.jpg} Sarah Blake totally owns and defeats Monique Alexander in this example of a sexfight again by California Wildcats
    In stories:Stories:
    The winner often humiliates the loser by kicking her out naked or in torn clothes. The winner humiliates the loser by having sex with her man or her lesbian lover while the loser watches. The winner humiliates the loser by requiring the loser to have sex with the winner's man or lesbian lover. The winner and her man or lesbian lover share the loser sexually. The winner forces the loser to a huge orgasm with a dildo or some other means, generally while a crowd is watching or in front of the loser's man. The winner forces the loser to give her a victory orgasm.
    Force an Orgasm or Have an Orgasm while in a Controlling Position:
    In this variation a "point" can be scored in several ways:
    against her will Forcewill.
    your own
    opponent's face. Force
    the opponent
    Celebrities: A number of fictitious stories involve sexfights between two well-known female celebrities, usually actresses or women in the news.
    WWE Female Wrestlers: There is a free site with loads of fictional stories about WWE female wrestlers and "divas". However, the stories are not widely circulated. Many stories on the same site involve rape or other brutality.
    Overpower and Force Orgasm: This is common in stories but not in real life. Women usually want an opponent of roughly equal size and weight. Women involved in a sexfight start sweating pretty quickly, which makes their bodies slippery. People familiar with this technique have said that if a woman slick from sweat is really trying to resist her opponent, e.g., by pushing away, it is almost impossible to overpower the woman, hold her helpless and stimulate her enough to make her orgasm. (Regarding the difference between "overpower" and "beat up", a wrestler who pins her opponent is not beating her up.)
    Unconsciousness: This is not particularly rare in stories but unheard of in videos due to the possibility of severe injury or even death. Basically, the idea is that one opponent renders the other unconscious with a smother hold, choking, etc. Often it involves a "sleeper" hold or the victor covering the loser's face with her ass. Sometimes it involves a woman with huge tits holding her opponent in her cleavage. The breast smother is most commonly found in male-female stories.
    pointed out the possibility that this wouldcould really wind
    Male versus Female: Although videos are available they are quite rare and highly scripted and they involve severely mismatched opponents, such as a 180-pound 6 foot-tall woman bodybuilder and experienced wrestler versus a 5 foot 4 inch 110-pound man with no wrestling experience. Stories tend to be quite absurd, as they will involve things like a guy in his mid-20's to mid-30's cumming 4 times in an hour.
    Sexfight / Cockfight Combo:A few stories contain this theme but no videos because essentially a sexfight is lesbian porn, a cockfight is gay male porn and they appeal to different audiences. Also, the audience for sexfight materials is mainly male and straight men tend to feel uncomfortable about gay materials.
    Combinations with other fetishes:
    Bondage: There are some highly scripted videos where the winner ties up the loser and usually pretends to spank her, etc. Almost all of these are very poorly acted, with the sex completely faked. Also, people interested in sexfights generally are not interested in bondage and vice versa. Since these are both niche markets, it is even harder to find a customer base interested in both.
    in toys. AvidMike has produced two videos using sextoys. The format was three 20 minute segments/events. In segment/event 1 both women have vibrator eggs that can be controlled with a rheostat that varies the vibrations from low to high. Each woman inserts the vibrating egg into her vagina and gives the rheostat to her opponent. Woman A controls the vibrations of the egg inserted into Woman B. Woman B controls the vibrations of the egg inserted into Woman A. Once the eggs have been inserted into each woman they trib for 20 minutes while controlling the vibration intensity of the egg inside her opponent. The woman who forces the most orgasms from her opponent in 20 minutes wins segment/event 1. In segment/event 2 both women are given two vibrators. Each woman receives a "pocket rocket" for use outside of the vagina on her opponent's clit, plus each woman receives a vibrating dildo for use inside her opponent's vagina. The women start in the 69 position and use both vibrators on their opponent. The woman who forces the most orgasms from her opponent in 20 minutes wins segment/event 2. In segment/event 3 the women use a double-dildo only. No fingers are allowed. The women attempt to control the double-dildo with their vaginal muscles in order to push more of the dildo into her opponent. Also important when using the double-dildo is the angle of attack and/or completely forcing the entire length of the double-dildo inside to the point where both clits come into direct contact. This has proven to be very effective. To win a Toy Sexfight the winner must win 2 out of 3 segments/events.
    Wrestling in Oil, Jello, Mud, Spaghetti, etc.: These are quite rare. Women wrestling quickly start sweating, so oil does not substantially increase slipperiness. Oil or mud make it almost impossible to hold the woman long enough to make her orgasm. In addition, oil makes any medium or long hair look ratty, not sexy. People interested in watching sexfights generally want to see the forced orgasms, not women covered in mud.
    Golden Showers, etc.: Again, both these and sexfighting are niche markets, with essentially no overlap. Many of Aussie Greg's stories contain a bit of such content but he is almost unique in this.
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